JAVAC is Australia's only significant manufacturer of High Vacuum Pumps, Refrigerant Recovery Machines and Charging Stations. The company's engineering capability to second to none with the ability to build what Australia wants. 

TRAVEL COOL is an authorised distributor of JAVAC Refrigeration and Automotive products in Perth. We bulk buy in most cases and pass the savings to you. Please contact us to assist you with any JAVAC products. 


Compliance Pack -  "Essential Tools to get you started" 


This package includes the essential tools needed for a refrigeration technitian to be compliant and certified by the Australian governing authority.

Package includes:

  • Recovery Unit XTR-PRO (Part No. XTRC-2)
  • Vacuum Pump CC 141 (Part No. VCQ 142-2)
  • Leak Detector TEK-MATE (Part No. 705-202-G6) 

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Order Code: COMPAK 


XTR Altima Recovery Unit - "Fastest Twin Head Recovery Unit"  


Designed and Manufactured in Australia, JAVAC's XTR Altima is a premium twin head recovery unit with a light weight high performance compressor. The unit is capable of recovering most refrigerants including R134a and comes with a 2 Year Mannufacture Warranty. 

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 Order Code: XTRC-2-ALT  


XTR Pro Recovery Unit 

 Designed and Manufactured in Australia, JAVAC's XTR Pro is a single  head recovery unit capable of recovering most refrigerants including  R410a with an integrated oil free compressor. The unit inlcudes a built  in manifold analyser allowing you to control vapour. liquid or  combined recovery with fully automatic pressure regulation 

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  Order Code: XTRC-2


Vacuum Pumps  CC Series - "Great Value for Money"

When price is a major consideration the JAVAC Economy Series CC vacuum pumps fits the bill. Ideal for light duty refrigeration, automotive, industrial and lab applications, the CC pumps are 2 stage oil rotary vane pumps of ultimate vacuum of 25 microns and come in 4 models. 

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Order Codes: VCQ45-2; VCQ82-2; VCQ141-2'; VCQ232-2


Leak Detectors

TEK-MATE-  "Australia's Best Selling Leak Detector"  

 Handheld Leak Detector with a Heated Diode sensor technology ideal  for CFC's (Ex.R11 & R12) HCFC's (Ex.R22 & R123) and HFC's (Ex.R134a)  as well as relplacement blends (Ex.R404a & R410a). 

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 Order Code: 705-202-G6










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