Konfort 700 Series


Konfort 720RP -  Fully Automatic Charging Station (R134a or R123yf)  



The Konfort 720RP .... 

  • Travel Cool's Konfort units allows you to purchase a professional service station that will give you the capability to easily deal with both refrigerants R123a and R1234yf without the excessive cost of ownership. 
  • The Konfort 720R can be purchased to operate with either R123a or the new R123yf and thanks to an optional retrofittable kit, your workshop can easily convert a R123a Konfort to a R1234yf Konfort. 
  • The Konfort 720R 2 gas ready unit comes with automatic functions for the recovery and recycling of refrigerant and the recovery of oil. The quantities of the oil and UV tracer are controlled by an automatic valve, leaving you with a few easy and simple manual operations. 


  • Compatible with R134a or R1234yf
  • High Visibility Backlit Blue LCD Display
  • Rotating gauges & Display
  • 12kg Internal Tank
  • Dual Stage Vacuum Pump included
  • Automatic Oil Injection
  • Simplified Service
  • Multi Language Coverage 


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Konfort 710R "Specially Designed for an Entry Level Work Shop for R134a"  



The Konfort 710R ....

  • Specially Designed for an entry level workshop for R134a only to satisfy the demands for recharge stations for the older refrigerant
  • Provides all the essential standard functions that have established in the Konfort 700 series with features including:

                                    > Automatic Leak Detection 

                                    > Electronic Leak Detection

                                    > Electronic Refrigerant Weighing

                                    > Automatic Timed Oil & UV Tracer Injection

                                    > Over 95% High Efficiency Refrigerant Recovery


  • R134a compatible
  • High visibility, 4x20 character, blue backlit LCD screen
  • Management of databse and service records by SD card 
  • 10kg tank
  • Includes a dual stage vacuum pump
  • Charging pressure +/- 15g
  • Two manual recharging line control valves
  • Functioning modes: - DATABASE

                                      - PERSONALISED SERVICE

                                      - MY DATABASE 

  • Multi language software
  • Automatic compensation for length of recharging lines
  • Automatic maintenance alarm
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Automatic management of non-condensable product 


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